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Event 7:  Ferndale Park, Glen iris

Event Open from Sunday 14th March - Sunday 21st March


Download a copy of the map - Click Here

While a colour copy is preferred, most people would manage with a black and white version.

If you need a black and white version - here it is. Please compare this black and white version to the colour map to make sure you know what the various fill patterns mean.


Load event into MapRun

On your phone, Start MapRunF (If not, see MapRun pages)
Press Select Event
Navigate to Victoria > RunFree >SAR and
select one of the following events:
=> Ferndale Park - Junior - 15-02-2021 PXAS ScoreV60
=> Ferndale Park - Walk - 15-02-2021 PXAS ScoreV60
=> Ferndale Park - Run - 15-02-2021 PXAS ScoreV60
=> Ferndale Park - Bike - 15-02-2021 PXAS ScoreV60
{The dates here are when the course is first available - you can run any time after this date}
          Travel to the start location
          Press Events Near me and pick one of the above

Special Bonus Course - a Cub and Joey course that runs from Ferndale Park - crossing NO roads - has been added too. See our permanent course page for details.


Start Location

Park near the Scout Hall in Purches Street
Press Go to Start
The START/FINISH location is the park sign on the rise, just West of the notice Board.
If in doubt, look at the screen - you are the little red dot.


Don't Forget

Wear comfortable shoes/clothes for walking/running
Take water if hot
Read the safety instructions on the map
Stay out of long grass
Cross creek at bridges only
Be Covid-Safe - follow Government Regulations

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